R&D Team & Laboratories

From Greece to Scandinavia, we are the new International Movement Of Nutrition with a collective of doctors, researchers, nutrition specialists and much more. We are evolving into a new era of biofunctional nutrition and cosmetics.

Dr. Georgios Pantelakis MD, MSc
Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery, in University Clinic of Sundsvall. Founder and CEO of I-M-O-N Scandinavia.
Jean S Haddad
Marketing and Relations. Scandinavian Partner.
George Leon
Biophysicist focused on Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolic Physics, Founder of Omiostasis and I-M-O-N.
Dr. Despina Komninou, MD
MD specialized in Nutrition (American Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist), Research Associate at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the International University of Greece.
Dr. Ioannis Harizanis, MD
MD specialized in Internal Medicine with a focus on Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.
Dr Spyridon Gerou, MD
MD specialized in Biopathology, Scientific Director of the Biopathological Diagnostic and Research Clinics "Analysis Medical SA".
Dr. Georgios Theodoridis
Full professor of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University. He leads the Biomic and FoodOmicsGR interdisciplinary initiatives at the Aristotle University Thessaloniki.
Dr. Stavros Kalogiannis
Chemist, Associate Professor on Metabolism Biochemistry and Vice Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the International University of Greece.
Dr. Stavroula Kokkinou, MD
A Haematologist, Cytogeneticist, Member of ISH, ESO, ESHG, NYAS, AGT, ECA, AAAS. She has received three Greek and two international awards.
Irini Chroni
Nutritionist, Dietitian, specialized in Molecular Nutrition, Metabolic Disorders and Obesity.
Nikolaos Anastasopoulos
Occupational Physiologist, specialized in Sports Medicine and Exercise Biology.
Phryne Fatmeli
Nutritionist, Dietitian specialized in Diabetes.
Evangelos Georgilas
Professor of Physical Education, head coach of professional athletes, head of ergometric department of IMON group specialized in Ergo-measurement techniques for sports teams and human metabolic disorders.
Ageliki Polyzoi
Food Technologist.
Argyro Tsagala
Food registration department.
Irini Papa
Irene Patsioura
Innovation manager, Economist - MBA