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I-M-Ó-N Med is a biohacking and wellness club based in Greece. Our state-of-the-art facility is members only and provides a full spectrum of solutions for health, wellbeing and beauty; incorporating genetic and scientific lifestyle testing and procedures, we offer personalized regenerative programmes and performance optimisation to help you achieve optimal wellness and beauty.

Why I-M-Ó-N Med?

What is I-M-Ó-N Med?

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Cellular optimisation
Vital to all life, cells are the building blocks of every living organism. Cells require 5 key elements for regeneration and health. We utilise effective technology to help minimise your cellular damage and improve cellular regeneration with the aim to remain healthier longer and fine-tune our bodies to perform at their best mentally and physically.
One size does not fit all. Identifying, understanding and then applying the most effective and up to date technology is the foundation of every programme.
Understanding the goal, whether that’s improving cognitive and physical peak performance for high achieving professionals, age control to boost condence or optimal sports performance to take athletes to the next fitness level. We follow the same principles to marry goals with findings and bridge singular or combination treatments to achieve success.