Biofunctional​ Nutrition
With active ingredients and proven health claims.
100% of natural origin.

A synergy between SCIENCE and NATURE.
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For your health and wellbeing

We are proud to be the new International Movement Of Nutrition. A new era of biofunctional nutrition and skin care.

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Products with function

Our products combine functional raw materials with special ingredients
that have scientifically proven positive results on human DNA.

Based on your life and health situation​


These are some general recommendations about how to use the products, it doesn’t mean that the other products cannot be eaten from the other categories.

  • 5 to 6 meals per day which 2 of those can be replaced by biofunctional protein bars and/or cookies in a combination.
  • Breakfast can be replaced with a smoothie.
  • Marmalade has a synergistic action with protein bars and cookies (rich source of vitamin C / extra antioxidant action).
  • Oils: 3 puffs 2-3 times daily inside the mouth.

We have products that are:

Science x Nature for
optimal wellness

We are proud to be the new global movement of biofunctional nutrition with results from a biohacking scientific team that continuously researches ingredients with validated health claims and their interaction with the genes.

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We build dynamic synergies with research teams around the globe to promote state of the art research on biofunctional nutrition…

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The innovative Biofunctional Products of I-M-O-N are based on published research results and clinical studies. The products and their ingredients have proven health claims…

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I-M-Ó-N Med

Our science for your wellbeing.

I-M-Ó-N Med is a biohacking and wellness club based in Greece. Our state-of-the-art facility is members only and provides a full spectrum of solutions for health, wellbeing and beauty; incorporating genetic and scientific lifestyle testing and procedures, we offer personalized regenerative programmes and performance optimisation to help you achieve optimal wellness and beauty.

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Award winning products

We are gaining recognition in various categorys worldwide, for the high quality and standards,
including technology and packaging.

A variety of Biofunctional nutrition,
foods and skin care.
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“Natural forces within us
are the true healers”
Hippocrates, the father of Medicine.